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Let us Help you be Secure

    A house that looks secure will encourage the thief to look elsewhere!

    If it's on show the criminal knows you have what they are looking for so lock it away or lock it up

    Need a lock or bolt? Come and see us.

    We can supply most things you will need:
  • bolts, padlocks, door locks, door chains and viewers
  • security lighting, timers and sensor (if it goes on and off it will attract attention and save energy)
  • gate and door automation, intercom systems, electronic locks
  • Intruder alarms
  • CCTV

Before deciding what is needed have a quick look at our check list then for more tips visit the Suffolk Neighbourhood Watch web site.

A quick check list

When making your check remember you are not always going to stop criminals but you should be able to slow them down and make life difficult.
Boundaries Are they secure? Is there more than one way onto your property? If so can the alternatives routes be reduced by planting hedges, installing or mending fences and securing gates?

If it is unusual for people to enter and leave your property by routes other than the one you want to be used they are more likely to be noticed.
Gardens Is it easy to walk all the way round your property?

If a criminal can leave, unseen, by one route as you approach by another their escape is almost guaranteed. Where possible plan your garden so that there is only one way between the back and the front. Ensure circular routes can be blocked by a suitable fence or locked gate.
Buildings Check out the Suffolk Neighbourhood Watch web site for details.

Please note where doors open outwards and the hinges are accessible to the criminal you should consider hinge bolts. These are pins fitted along the hinge edge of the door that locate in holes in the frame when the door is closed. Even if the hinges are disconnected the door remains fixed in place! These are particularly useful on the personal door in garages.

The Neighbourhood Watch web refers to different types of locks and bolts.

Dead lock A lock with a single bolt that is set using a key
Sash Lock Has a dead lock set with a key and an automatic bolt released by a handle to hold the door shut but still allow access by turning a handle.
Lever Locks Generally 3 or 5 Lever, this refers to the lock mechanism which uses a traditional "flag" type key. The more levers the more difficult it is to "pick" the lock
Cylinder Lock Often referred to as a "Yale" lock. The cylinder mechanism fits in the door and a night latch is placed on the back. Generally a door with this type of lock would be self locking or "slam shut". Should you loose your keys then only the cylinder needs to be replaced.
Mortise bolt Commonly known as a "rack bolt". This bolt is let into the edge of the door on the same side as the lock. Usually one at the top and one at the bottom. The bolt is set using a splined key inserted through a hole in the door. The bolt when set rests in a hole in the door frame.

Small versions are available for windows etc.

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