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Lamps and Lighting

We supply a wide range of lamps including energy savers and LED we also supply  light fittings, internal, external, domestic, commercial, industrial etc. Come in and ask. Besides stocking the more common fittings we also have catalogues from a range of suppliers of decorative fitting for that more specialised product or exclusive look.

Replacement Lamps and Tubes

To supply you with the correct lamp we need some basic information about the old lamp and the fitting.

If possible the make, voltage, wattage, manufacturer' and part number go a long way to identifying a replacement lamp. However if these details are not available a quick look at the old lamp and some information about the fitting helps. Fittings, especially enclosed or task lights may have a maximum safe working wattage stated; so have a quick look when removing the lamp.

Other points to bear in mind

Dimming Low Energy Lamps

It's not straight forward to replace traditional (incandescent) lamps with low energy lamps where the existing installation includes a dimmer switch. As there is no simple answer it is always best to seek advice before making a purchase

Low voltage down lights (MR16) Safety

Halogen Dichroic lamps are made in two basic forms, those that release heat through the back of the lamp, generally used for display lighting where ventilation is good and the objects being illuminated may be sensitive to heat and those that reflect the majority of the heat forward used in fittings where the ventilation around the lamp is poor.

Enclosed (fire rated) Low Voltage down lighters require special lamps which reflect the heat forward into the room. Using any other type of lamp will lead to both the lamp and fitting failure due to overheating. Both types look similar but it's easy to check.

Hold the lamp up to the light so you are looking at the reflector from the front. Pass your finger behind the reflector. If you can see your finger through the reflector the lamp is not suitable for enclosed down lighter fittings. This works best where there is a good light behind the lamp such as daylight through a window.

The correct lamps for enclosed down lighters are sometimes referred to a foil or aluminium backed lamps.

Fluorescent Tubes

Please be aware the older tubes are now being replaced by ones of a much smaller diameter. The lengths and end fittings are the same but a twin fitting with one of each type may look a bit odd. If you need to change a tube just bear in mind the new one might not look the same.

Similarly fluorescent tubes come in a variety of colours or colour renderings often referred to a "warm white", "cool white", "daylight" etc. The "colour" of the tube will be printed on the tube quite often as a number. Mixing of different colour renderings is best avoided if appearance is an issue.
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